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10-minute Resistance Band Flabby Arm Home Workout For Women

Have you ever waved to someone and noticed your triceps is all over the place?

Flabby skin on your hands isn’t overly appealing.

It doesn’t look good in your new short sleeve summer shirts.

We are going to fix that today.

No more excuses, because all you need is a set of resistance bands and 10 minutes

I don’t care if you are the busiest person on the planet, because I know you can always find 10 minutes to improve what should matter the most, your health.

Arm exercises strengthen the biceps, triceps, and upper part of the back. Also, you will reduce fat deposits around the armpits and on the back of the bra area.

It’s important to properly perform the exercises to avoid injuries.

Just as it’s important to have beautifully shaped and lean muscles, it’s equally important to properly exercise.

Resistance bands are inexpensive and easy to store. You can get a full-body workout, add variety and intensity to your strength-training exercises.

When stretching, they provide resistance that increases development of muscle mass and strength.

One of the main advantages of resistance bands over dumbbells is that the possibility of injury is reduced to a minimum.

So get yourself a set of resistance bands, start the timer and let’s begin 🙂

Beginner level: 5-10 reps, 1-2 sets

Advanced level: 15-20 reps, 3-4 sets

Biceps Curls

Sit on a pilates ball or on a chair or stool.

Place the band under your feet, and grab each end of the band with both hands.

Feet should be aligned with shoulder width and hands should beside hips.

Slightly fold your hand in the elbow and pull the band, the thumbs should be facing up.

The upper arm should stay besides the body.

Return to the starting position and then repeat the movement.


Sit on the floor, place resistance band around your feet and grab the other end with your hands.

While sitting up top, bend your elbows and extend your arms back as much as you can while keeping your posture and shoulders fixed.

Then slowly bring your hands back in front of you while raising them on to shoulder level.

Think of these movements as rowing.

Repeat the moves and adjust resistant bands according to your current physical stamina.


Shoulder Lateral Raise 

This exercise is perfect for strengthening shoulders. Although it also impacts arms, chest and back.

Keep your back straight and shoulders away from the ears.

Stand on the resistance band and hold each end of the band.

Slowly lift the resistance band on both sides away from the body.

Lift as much as possible, then return to the starting position.

Bent Over Rows

This exercise impacts back and triceps.

Step on the band, bend your legs in the knees, and lean the body slightly forward.

Get in position of slightly curved back (in the lower part of the back).

Hold both ends of the band in your hands and pull them back. Make sure elbows are aligned with the body during the movement.

When you return to the starting position, the arms should be extended and shouldn’t exceed the shoulder height.

Exhale when pulling the elbows back and inhale when return them forward.

Shoulder Raise

This exercise activates several muscle groups: shoulders, triceps, biceps and back.

It’s important to keep your back straight and knees gently bend.

Stand on the resistance band while holding each end of the band in your hands.

Gently lift one hand in front of yourself and then slowly bring it down. Do the same with the other hand.

Make sure that your body remains in the same standing position. Shoulders should be fixed, don’t move them closer to your ears.

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Hey there, Mia here! I’m fitness enthusiast committed to sharing raw and uncensored health hacks backed by science and real results. My goal is to help you become the healthiest version of yourself and perfectly fit in your favorite clothes.

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