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7 Foods and Supplements That Will Make Your Butt Bigger

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Beautifully shaped butt sends a message that you are sexy and in a good shape.

The benefits of strong, shaped gluteal muscles are much greater than just the mere fact that your ass looks great in your new jeans.

Most women have weak buttocks, which increases the risk of knee and loop injury.

Butt is one of the most important muscle groups in the body. It extends and rotates the hip during energetic movements such as jumping and sprinting. It also stabilizes the spine and prevents excessive knee pressure.

The 3 most important buttock muscles are: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.

Now that I sold you on the importance of having a strong butt, let’s see how you can grow it and shape it…

Gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body and one of the strongest. Gluteus will grow rapidly if there is a good reason for it.

Buttocks can NOT grow only by eating the right food.

If you don’t exercise and sit for the whole day, your butt won’t grow. No super food or supplement will help!

How to increase your buttocks naturally?

You need the right combination of:

  • Exercise
  • Food
  • Supplements

Use the supplements and foods in this article along with the best butt exercises.

When doing exercises for a bigger and firmer butt, the desired results can be achieved and maintained only with the help of proper nutrition.

Proteins are what you need for a bigger butt.

There is a big misconception that eating more proteins or drinking protein shakes is only intended for bodybuilders.

This can’t be further from the truth.

Every person requires protein-rich food for optimal health and muscle growth.

Since buttock is a muscle, and as proteins are muscle building blocks, you need proteins for growing a bigger butt.

As the intensity of your butt workout increases, the amount of protein in your diet should increase as well.

I recommend that you have a protein source in every meal you eat: about 15-30 g of protein per meal.

Also it’s recommended to have a good post-workout whey protein shake supplement.

Generally speaking, you need proteins and estrogen.

Here is the list of foods and supplements that can help grow your buttocks:

1. Eggs

Whole eggs are among the healthiest and most nutritious foods on the planet.

1 egg contains 6 grams of proteins (3 in egg white and 3 in egg yolk).

Egg white is almost pure protein, while egg yolk is loaded with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and antioxidants.

Proteins are important building blocks of gluteal muscles.

2. Chicken Breast

Definitely one of the most popular protein-rich food.

It contains 31 grams of protein per 100 grams.

Like I said, proteins are absolutely essential for muscle growth.

Make sure to prepare your meals to that it includes 2 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight.

3. Diary products

Milk, greek yogurt, kefir etc. are all very high in proteins.

The problem is that a huge percentage of the world’s adults are intolerant to it.

If you are not intolerant to diary products, then include them in your regular meals to boost overall protein content of your diet.

4. Soy Products

Female characteristics such as breasts and buttocks are developed thanks to female hormone estrogen.

Soybeans are a very good source of phytoestrogen and are listed among the best foods for women.

Also, it contains high percentage of protein, which is essential for gluteal muscle growth.

Chose whey or soy protein sources to enhance your workout efforts and grow buttocks much faster.

5. Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are one of the most effective sources of estrogen and they occupy the top position in the list of foods containing phytoestrogen.

Besides buttock growth, they help in improving the functioning of the liver, prevent skin dryness, and brittle nails which are some symptoms linked with the lack of estrogen in the body.

6. Whey proteins

Milk is made of two proteins, casein and whey.

Whey protein is considered a complete protein as it contains all 9 essential amino acids. It is low in lactose content.

Eating protein 30 minutes before and after your workout is crucial to keeping the muscle weight on.

Drink whey proteins regularly to increase muscle mass of your buttocks.

7. Estrogen supplements

There are a lot of supplements specifically made to help grow your buttocks.

Most of these pills contain large proportion of phytoestrogen, also known as natural estrogen. There is a direct correlation between the larger buttock and estrogen.

The development of female buttock is highly dependent on the right amount of estrogen secretion in the body.

Luckily you can take estrogen pills to improve proportion of female hormone in the body.

There you go!

Remember, combination of protein rich diet, supplements and workout is crucial for butt growth.

Take a look at the most effective butt exercises here.

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  1. Please i need help and advice on how to grow my butt muscles thru exercises . And can i use multi vitamins in the place of estrogen supplements. And i also gain alot of weight in my arms nd stomach , and less in my butt .

    Please i need your help and advice . Thank you

  2. Are estrogen supplement available for men too?

    1. I was wondering about this too.

  3. Hi i have lost a lot of weight since having my baby and would like to put it back on and get my butt back i wanted to know if a protein shake is better then a mass gainer shake to put the weight back on my bum i dont want a muscular bum i would like fat on there but in shape wich is better ?
    Thanks xx

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