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12 Easy-To-Follow Habits of Highly Fit People

Have you ever wondered what do they do differently?

Of course, genes play an important role, but much more credit goes to their healthy habits.

You see, habits are patterns of behavior that we learned and accepted, and do on a daily basis.

Habits are part of who we are.

Thanks to the habits, when we are given a choice the decision-making process is reduced to a minimum.

It takes about 30 days of deliberate work to form a habit.

Here are 12 habits of highly fit people.

1. They don’t count calories or go on a diet

This primarily refers to rapid and restrictive diets that promote instant results.

By choosing healthy foods on a daily basis and avoiding processed products, there is no need for a fit person to count calories or chase new fad diets.

Non processed products usually have less calories and lots of nutrients that provide sense of satiety.

Ultimately, by having a habit of eating healthy food, they encounter much less hunger cravings.


  • For the next 7 days write down what you eat
  • Then analyze the list and substitute high calorie and processed food with healthy alternatives. For example: instead of coke use ginger and lemonade juice, instead of sweet cookies take a few pieces of black chocolate

2. They regularly exercise and choose the activities they enjoy

You’ll notice that most fit people aren’t bodybuilders or die hard fitness fanatics.

However, physical activity is an essential part of their life.

Whether it’s some kind of sport, gym, running, cycling or anything else. Movement is their way of life.

They choose activities they enjoy and learn to adapt to their needs.


  • Take a look at the physical activities that burn the most calories.
  • Pick one cardio workout that you enjoy the most and do it 2-3 time a week

3. They control their weight

NOT in an obsessive manner!

Many people who get on these new fad diets measure their weight several times a day.

That’s wrong, because we weigh more in the morning than we do in the afternoon.

Losing weight is a long term process.

Fit people occasionally measure their weight. This way, they can adjust their exercise and diet in a timely manner.


  • Measure your weight once a week. Make it your habit. The best time to measure weight is in the morning.
  • Write your weight in a journal every week.

4. They have a viable long term eating plan

Low calorie, restrictive diets are only short term “solution” to excess weight. As soon as you stop dieting and switch back to previous eating habits, the pounds come back.

This is called the yo-yo effect.

Fit people know that.

That’s why their meal plans are balanced and diverse, and can be maintained for an unlimited period of time.

They don’t cut on the necessary energy sources, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibers etc.

Can I do this for the rest of my life?” is a question you should be asking when deciding on your next diet.


  • Educate yourself on the subject of eating healthy. FITMOZINE is the perfect start.
  • Come up with a meal plan that you can apply everyday without feeling hungry.

5. They don’t solve problems with food

Ok, we all sometimes find a relief in a piece of chocolate bar or cake. But for a fit person it’s not an everyday habit.

Overweight people tend to eat out of frustration, loneliness or boredom. This is also known as emotional eating.

But if this is how you find comfort, then it will lead to excess weight.

Instead, find some other way to calm down. Walking, watching a movie, a coffee with a friend or a warm bath are perhaps better choices.


  • When you feel frustrated do you eat processed food? If yes, try to find a more healthier alternative.

6. They are not surrounded by temptations

Open your fridge.

Is it full of high calorie bombs such as coke and ice cream?

No wonder you are always tempted to eat processed food.

Fit people cut the problem at the source. They don’t store sweets and snacks in their kitchen.

There may be some black chocolate and wine, but most of what you can find in their kitchen are healthy foods, fruits and vegetables.


  • Empty the fridge. Give the sweets to someone else.
  • Surround yourself with healthy food

7. They enjoy occasional sweets

Unlike overweight people, who enjoy sweets several times a day, fit people have a different approach.

They allow themselves to occasionally savor their favorite sweets.

They also do it with complete enjoyment, without fear and guilt.

Of course, I am talking about small quantities, as there is no need for overeating.


  • Limit yourself to eating sweets once a week.
  • Do it in moderate quantities.

8. They move more on a daily basis

You can’t even imagine how big of a difference can simple decisions make in our life.

Instead of going for a drive go for a walk, instead of elevator take the stairs, stand up while working etc.

This all adds up and in the long term will make you fit.


  • Move at least 30 minutes daily

9. They always have breakfast and never skip meals

They understand how important the breakfast is for their metabolism.

It sets the tone for the day.

Do you know that old saying? Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.

Without a high protein breakfast meal, they don’t leave the house.

It is equally important to have regular meals.

If starvation occurs, in addition to slowing down the metabolism, the “panic” attack occurs. That is when we tend to overeat and choose high calorie foods.

Smaller meals at intervals of 3 – 4 hours will prevent this from happening.


  • Eat 5  times a day

10. They eat slowly

From the minute we start eating, it takes approximately 20 minutes for our stomach and brain to register the feeling of fullness.

In that period we often then to overeat because our brain sends signals of hunger while we are actually full.

Chew your food slowly. Enjoy the food.

11. They eat from a smaller plate

This is a small hack that a lot of people use.

Just by serving food in a smaller plate you will reduce how much you eat.

The reason for this is the previously mentioned fact that it takes around 20 minutes for our brain to stop sending hunger signals.

12. They drink a lot of water

Water is important for staying hydrated and losing weight.

Did you know that the feeling of thirst can easily mislead the body into thinking it needs food?

Drinking a lot of water (2-3 liters per day) is linked with weight loss as it boosts the metabolic rate and increases satiety.

Timing is also important.

By drinking water half an hour before a meal, you will feel more full and eat less calories.

That’s all folks!

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