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11 Diet Mistakes Killing Your Weight Loss Efforts

When you decide it’s time for a diet, normally, you try to find thousands of information.

You read various forums, blogs and websites.

But then you get confused because many advices contradict each other.

Here are 11 diet tips that will make the journey to your ideal weight easier.

1. You rely on “he said – she said” weight loss advice

If you really want to lose weight and stay in a good shape, you should take advice only from a certified dietitian or nutritionist.

A good nutritionist will make you a diet plan according to your possibilities and preferences, and answer all of your question.

He or she will give you directions for everything. It always pays off to invest in yourself.

All the invested money will save you lot of time you would spend on searching for the various materials and advices. But you need to remember: the weight loss process takes time.

Nothing happens overnight.  

However, if asking a nutritionist for advice is not an option, then continue with reading this article.

2. Believing that if you eat healthy groceries you will lose weight 

Every grocery contains some amount of energy. So logically, if you eat too much of anything, you will gain weight.

For example, olive oil is extremely healthy, but one tablespoon of it to season the salad is more then enough.

One tablespoon contains 119 calories, so you shouldn’t eat more than that. 

3. Not eating certain groceries

Avoiding “bad” groceries will only make you want them more.

From time to time, you can eat even the bad food, but you should be moderate.

If 90% of your diet is healthy, those 10% of junk food won’t kick you off the track. 

An occasional ice cream, chocolate or a dessert on Sunday won’t make you fat, but you should be very careful with these groceries. 

4. You’re not tracking your calorie intake

You must have heard about this before. It’s very important to keep a food diary, so you can be aware of how many calories you eat during the day.

Sometimes we can get carried away and eat too much without even noticing.

If you want to lose weight, you should eat less calories than your body spends.

This is why it’s important to keep track, so you’ll know how to reduce the intake depending on your goal. 

Clean food offers you great nutritional values for small amount of calories, and makes you satiated for longer.

So usually, it is recommended to eat non refined food, fresh fruits and vegetables.

5. Eating “healthy” snacks

We usually eat snacks to make breaks between meals bearable.

So, if you love for example dried fruit, you can eat it after your training to load your glycogenic reserves.

By eating dried figs or cashews, you won’t make the hunger disappear, and you can easily eat too much of those. 

6. You’re drinking too many sodas

By drinking soda, we can’t feel all those calories we drank.

However, we drink too much of them.

Except for drinks with declaration that they are calorie and sugar free, all the other fruit juices and soft drinks will slow down your weight loss progress.

Choose water, unsweetened tea, and coffee in moderate amounts. 

7. You’re skipping your meals

You have to understand that you’ll get NOTHING positive from skipping the meals!

When your body is starving, it will crave for fast and high energy source, which is mostly sugar.

Even if you manage not to eat until your next meal, you will probably eat too much. You should divide your meals by your possibilities and preferences, but you should never skip any of them 

8. You’re tracking your progress only through scale

Your scale shouldn’t be the only way to track your progress!

If you’re exercising, you will gain muscles. Since muscles are heavier than fat, it will seem like you made no progress.

You should take pictures of yourself and take measures of your body parts (like waistline, thighs, arms…).

Also, you should limit scaling to once a week, and do it under the same conditions every week. 

9. You’re blaming on genetics

People love excuses like genetics, hormones, or heavy bones.

Stop using those and start doing something!

It is more likely that your bad choices brought you to your current condition then that genetics did.

Like there’s no magical supplement for weight loss, there’s neither the bad genetics that keep you in place.

Specific conditions and diseases can slow down your progress, or make it harder, but they can’t stop you from reaching your goal.

10. You’re using a good exercise as an excuse

You did a hell of an exercise, so you deserve a cookie or a hamburger.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work like that. Training isn’t an excuse so you could eat too much, but a tool so you can easily reach your goal.

11. You’re avoiding exercise

As already mentioned, exercise will help you reach your goal faster.

Your body will also look better if you exercise.

Also, you shouldn’t only do cardio exercises. Sure, they do burn most of the fat, but strength training will make your muscles look beautiful.

It would be the best option to combine these two in order to get the best results. Of course, with a balanced diet. 

That’s all folks!

Do you have any weight loss tips to add?

What helped you to lose weight?

Comment away below.

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