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Reduce Cellulite: 7 Reasons to Take Cold Showers

Are you ready for a new healthy morning routine?

Do you regularly shower in cold water? Or you’re one of those who don’t shower at all if there is no hot water in the tank?

Cold shower has a long tradition in many cultures, and for a good reason.

Although warm baths are MUCH more comfortable, cold shower provides numerous health benefits.

German scientists have found that people who regularly take 2-minute cold showers are less likely to get colds compared to those who take warm showers.

The reason is stronger immune system. 

Even the ancient Romans used alternately hot and cold baths in their spa.

Today, in wellness centers after using the sauna, a cold pool and an ice fountain are recommended, and there are special cabins and showers with various cooling options such as ‘ice rain’, ‘cold fog’, and ‘snow’.

Here are the 7 reasons why you should take cold showers every morning: 

Strengthens immunity

A research conducted in Prague studied the effect of immersion in cold water on young athletes. They were immersed in a water temperature of 14 degrees three times a week for six weeks.

After this period, participants increased the number of two types of white blood cells – monocytes and lymphocytes, responsible for destruction of various pathogens.

Improves blood flow

Alternately, hot and cold water is a great way to improve blood circulation, which is beneficial for the entire circulatory system.

The veins tighten when exposed to cold water, which temporarily raises the blood pressure and speeds up the blood flow.

Regulates body temperature

A cold shower causes mild stress that causes the body to increase its own temperature.

This phenomenon is called thermogenesis, that is, the generation of heat.

Do you have chronically cold hands or legs? Or maybe you often get too sweaty?

Try using a cold shower.

In addition, internal warming speeds up metabolism, which promotes calorie burning and weight loss.

Enhances breathing

During a cold shower you will notice that you breathe deeper.

This is the natural reaction of the organism to the stress caused by cold.

The body needs more oxygen to produce its own warmth.

Thanks to this, a cool shower spreads the lungs just like a sturdy exercise.

Increased oxygen intake means less exhaustion throughout the day and greater endurance in sports activities.

Beautiful skin and hair

While hot water drains the skin and hair, the cold contributes to making it look brighter and healthier.

Cold water also contributes to detoxification by stimulating the secretion of toxins and waste materials from the body.

Increases energy

The heart beats stronger, and improved blood circulation deprives the body from getting tired.

If cold face washing helps you get up easier, imagine what kind of effect the cold shower will have on your entire body.

Strengthens spiritual well-being

Many claim that cold shower relieves stress and improves mood. A study at the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, USA, showed that cold water stimulates the production of noradrenaline, a chemical substance secreted by neurons

Cold shower also has antidepressant properties.


Do not get into cold water without preparation!

If you are not accustomed to very low temperatures, it can have fatal consequences. The shock of cold causes irregular heartbeat, especially in elderly or sick people.

If you choose a cold shower, gradually adjust cold water. Start showering with the usual water temperature, and then slowly cool down until you can handle it. It is particularly effective to switch to cold water during the second half of the shower minute.

Comment by experts

In addition to all of the above, cold water shower stimulates the change of substance and improves circulation, which is excellent against cellulite, resulting in increased collagen synthesis.

People with dry skin should not shower with hot water. This is because hot shower dries the skin which results in faster aging.

People with expanded veins, cracked capillaries, heavy and swollen legs should regularly take cold showers. Tooling with cold water is a kind of blood coagulation, which is good for the body ” – Vienna, Marijana Zivaljevic.

Sometimes the least expected things are those that make life more beautiful!

Have you tried cold showers? 

How was your transition from hot to cold showers? How did you manage to adapt?

Let us know in the comments below!

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About Mia Lopez

Mia is a personal fitness trainer and a certified nutritionist from New York. She has helped hundreds of women across the world to slim down and keep healthy lifestyles with good eating habits and exercising.

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