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What is FITMOZINE all about

My name is Mia Lopez and I have to confess something.

I was on a path to become a full-blown meathead.

Proteins, creatines, BCAAs, N.O. Boosters…you name it and I’ve probably tried it at least once.

Back in the day, when I graduated from high school, I was obsessed with bulking up.

Gym was my life!

I spent countless of hours on meal planning, food shopping, sourcing high quality ingredients, and of course exercising.

I remember the times when I was going to the gym two times a day, while practising yoga in the morning and jogging or swimming in the evening.

✔ Health

✔ Perfect shape

Yet for some reason I wasn’t satisfied with myself and my lifestyle.

One day I felt subtle pain and doctor told me I have abdominal hernia.

After the surgery I had to rest for 2 months. I could continue with intense workout regime after 4 months.

That meant putting a stop on my fitness progress.

But also, it gave me plenty of time to rethink my fitness and life goals.

Is fitness my true priority in life?

Do I have to go to such an extreme level and become a meathead even though I have no intentions of being a professional bodybuilder?

That’s when I realized that balance between health, wealth and relationships are the foundations of a fulfilling life.

Yes, I still want to look perfect in my favorite clothes, to be healthy and look great naked, but I also want to have time for education, career, friends, boyfriend, myself…and someday kids.

Simply put, I want to get as much health and fitness benefits with as least time invested.

Hernia had to happen for me to realize that fitness IS and SHOULD be secondary if you have no intentions of becoming a professional athlete.

Off course, after 4 months I lost muscle volume and had to start all over again.

But this time, with a totally different approach!

FITMOZINE is born!

FITMOZINE is women’s health and fitness magazine, where I document my journey and fitness experience.

I am dedicating this magazine to all women who want to be healthy and look great in their favorite clothes while having time for other, more important, life goals.

This magazine is NOT for you if you want to go overboard and become a bodybuilder.

On FITMOZINE you’ll find everything from simple but effective home workouts to easy-to-follow meal plans for busy women.


Our mission at FITMOZINE is to help 1 million women across the world to become the healthiest versions of themselves.

I know how hard it is to get off the ground and persist until you see some meaningful results.

That’s why my team and I are here.

To help you set reasonable but achievable goals, build habits, routines and mental strength that will help you improve health, look better and fit perfectly in your favorite clothes.

Remember, one step is better than none.

If you feel this magazine is aligned with your own fitness goals, then I would love to see you inside our VIP club where I share more valuable articles, tips and hacks. You can subscribe here for free:


Stay fit!

– Mia Lopez
Founder, writer & fitness expert